We're not some special super-group compiled and held by a massive advertising conglomerate for the purposes of world domination. We're a passionate group of like-minded people—some who've grown this thing from the ground up—working hard for each other every day (for purposes of world domination). Here you'll find the core values that define us, and the people who steer the ship.


Core Values


We lead at NOMAD. We do not wait for instruction or relinquish leadership to the loudest (or another) voice. We understand that projects require pulling through, that “thinking about the things you have not thought about yet” is #1 on your to-do list every day. We understand that we are hired to lead, even when we are not experts, and understand that we go from start to finish through leadership, not through task execution

It’s Personal

NOMAD is capital “P” Personal. It’s capital “P” Personal in that it is inter-personal, made up of individuals bound by dependencies and connected by innumerable hours at the office. Care for these people and they will care for you. It is also Personal in that we take work personally here. Our work is, and forever should be, conducted with pride, is a reflection of you, and an annotation in the larger story of you. As such, it should be treated as Personal in everything you do.

Be Better

You are never done at being better. By being better we become the best in the business, constantly improving our roster of clients with more interesting questions where we can provide more interesting solutions. This is our ultimate daily goal: to self-improve, to be challenged by our clients and our peers, and therefore given the responsibility to provide answers we can be proud of to ever more intriguing clients.

Seek Answers

“No” is not an answer. There is always a solution if you seek it out. The path may be an unexpected tangent and derivative of what was expected, and can even exist outside of our business—but “no” is not in our lexicon. You must seek an answer when asked a question, regardless of where and how you find your response. This is what separates us from execution and elevates our opinions and our insights to outcomes.

Take Risks

Our entire business is a reflection of risk-taking. Whether RYSE or the portfolio of work that allows us to get better business, the reward and our growth is born from the confident belief that we are surrounded with better people, who will work harder than others, and with that, we will ultimately succeed—but we can only do this if we take the first step. Similarly, you must be willing to take risks to grow and learn at NOMAD. Stepping out of your comfort zone is expected. Embrace risk, and ask for it. You will be empowered to run if you do.

Outcomes Matter

We are not in the business of projects. We are in the business of outcomes. Our clients have given us the stewardship of their resources, insights, and direction, and it is our responsibility to not simply act and execute, but ensure to the best of our ability that outcomes are delivered. Outcomes matter because we recognize that we are not simply running advertising or building a website; we are driving sales, growing businesses, generating awareness, and other goals we set out to accomplish with our clients, partners, and team members.

Let’s Do Something Great

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